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Looking For Next Level English Content Writing

Attending our objectives for high quality content we are now putting more efforts on final text english quality. As a non-native speaker, I try to push myself to best, but for a native speaker the minimum quality expected is to attend grammatical norms, at last

The fact is that for now I am the only author, but the idea is to expand our team, se one of the ideas is to look for a native speakers to join our team for 2017. At these moment we are just improving the system, it is about to make a triad stands, information engineering, content writing and personalized costumer experience.

After the system is “ok” will be easy for authors and employees to join in writing periodically content.

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IT and Tech Market Trends – Turtles Are Looking For Ocean Currents

As part of our plan for the US market, we did an initial research on the market trends for IT companies and technology, we want to side by side with the next generation applications. As we make sense of this mass of information, we see a very clear line about the trend we think we will pursue the companies.

Using figurative language, we want our turtles to reach the deep ocean waves to migrate to new places to survive and grow. Or startups are looking for trends that can possibility security and rapid growth of business, the main trend we will persuit are SaS (Software As Service), but there are trends within this major trend.

Netflix is as an amazing and popular software as service example, you pay recurrent subscriptions for access their network, basically the idea is let’s put some fences around and charge for people to enter, it’s how real internet business operates. But what f5sites got inside our fences? If you are Netflix you are more like a Zoo, where you get into a car with 5 other people to see the same things, if the person on your side are looking at the buffalo it does not affect their experience if you look at the buffalo too.

What we are going to offer is another place for you to ride your personalized bike, a personal experience above all, it is a new generation of deeply personalized services, is a kind of thing that Apple and Google sells, webapps so smart that it makes you feel like it belongs to you. Your Agenda is useless to other, you can not borrow it to anybody because it is made for personal use, like many other services of the kind.

Within this trend there is a lot of possible positions, if you are looking at the great picture you must decide what ocean you want to release your turtles. We will release fun and work webapps that will operate together, since they are all, in other words, under the same umbrella, sharing users and IT infrastructure. This is the most generic word to share a piece of our plans, within our planning there is more deep market research and growth forecasts, made by experts. So stay tuned and check out our next launches for 2017.

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Brazilian Website Moved Down to a Subdomain

As part of moving toward to become global, brazilian operations will no longer be a priority, some content will be published in portuguese, but most of efforts will now be focused on english content.

(translate) Aviso: o site para o público brasileiro está agora disponível em um subdomínio, acesse agora e continue informado sobre nossas publicações para o Brasil.

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We want to know what USA markets expects from a new IT service or product

Since December 2016 we start focusing in USA market, we are a little Brazilian startup looking for achieving the impossible, our first costumer in USA market, our first invoice and billing in USA dollars. We are not just translating Brazilian or portuguese content from our blog, we decide to take more risks and stopped all operations in Brazil, we stopped getting new costumers for IT services to focusing providing sofware as service, we are developing a SaaS based company, focusing since (re)born in USA market.

We write posts in english, we are now even trying re-think how we approach to our real target market, we have to write directly in english, even with a lot of mistakes and mal formed sentences, we are doing our best to improve our communications skills, so we can listen and get feedback from USA costumers, do you live in USA, tell us what is important to you for and IT company, service provider?

Author: Francisco Matelli Matulovic

Date: 2016-12-04

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F5 Sites – Moving up Toward To Become a Global IT Solutions Provider

As part of our strategic plan, we are moving toward to become a global business partners from companies and governments all around the world. Our products is first-class and out-of-box software solutions.

All Brazilian operations is now stopped, all costumers accounts in Brazil is currently closed due the fact we stopped working with brazilian reals (R$), we shut down every service and site while we were changing our official currency, by the way, a lot of technological improvements was achieved in our server, we will talk more more about that in future posts. After stopping our operations in Brazil, we are now accepting USA dollars as primary way of payment, all annunciated prices are for USA market, we advise we are closing even our offices in Brazil for attempting to start operations exclusively for USA.

By today there are no more support and sales operations for Brazil, if you are in Brazil you can still use our products and services, e.g. become PRO Focalizador user, you can still buy our products, but you have to make an international transfer or use an international credit card as primary option for payment. We are now scanning opportunities and planning arrive USA as soon we get our software and server ready for our new market, new costumers with habits and culture very distinct from our earlier targets, we are proudly to annunciates that our products is now getting ready for USA market, we strongly believe that the laws and culture for technological based firms in many USA states is far improved than a still baby Brazilian market and kind of primitive technological environment and innovation ecosystem.