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Bug Eliminated – Recent Posts Is Now Working

plugin: f5sites-shared-post-tables-and-uploads-folders

When working with an emergency project we must set priorities, testings of plugins can be exhaustive, nobody want’s to retest every location where the plugin is installed whenever and minor modification occurs, but when we are talking in a fast pace project with no planning and just one mark, proves that is and worth effort, the process of testing is even worst.

So is basically working under a large growing mess, annotations, papers and folder, software for project management, nothing can really help in that very start moment of a project, because changes are very often. When you finally reach an first stable version is time to get back on track of work left behind.

The Recent Posts widget was not working and annoying me very much, consuming and stressing my head, I then realized that it is almost the center of the blog, if WordPress is getting that list wrong, with content from other blogs and languages visitors may not understand where they are, it become a urgency need to solve.

I am very happy that I can finally get back on development track and advanced that question, bug solved and most important, now I can share all my blogs links, without getting people confusing asking themselves why that Recent Posts links is showing that weird stuff, now everyone can navigate safe and be related with the right content in the right time.


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